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About Us
My name is Volkov Boris Markovich, I was born on May 16, 1983. I grew up and live in Kyiv. On this tragic day, February 24, 2022, I was forced to close my own business (Marketing Agency) and take my family to the safe place abroad.

From the first week of this inhuman war I began to volunteer, specifically to provide the necessary equipment to the Military Commissariat of Sviatoshynskyi District, the Territorial Defense of Sofiyivska Borshchahivka, the First Company of the 35th Battalion of the 101st Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

I decided to cover all my activities publicly on social networks to attract the audience to help Ukraine, because war is too expensive and my own resources are limited. Below I leave a link to our active site, which was created to help our fighters and my own social networks.

During this time, we managed to establish logistics from Europe to Kyiv, delivery takes 2 days. We buy only necessary equipment and deliver it directly to the soldiers. Also we buy at reasonable prices, sellers give us discounts.

Every day we receive new applications from the military, systematically record, process these applications and try to meet their needs.

Unfortunately, at the moment we have been able to secure only 5% of received applications, because we have a critical shortage of funds, at a time when the number of applications is increasing.

The list of departments from which we have already received and systematized applications for assistance, if necessary, the original applications can be sent at your request:

✅ Territorial Defense, Sofiivska Borshchahivka, BUGATTI Company;
✅ 1 Company 35 of Battalion 101 Brigades of the Armed Forces of Ukraine;
✅ National Guard, military unit №3035, Donbas;
✅ Territorial defense of the city of Belogorodka;
✅ Territorial defense of the city of Kharkiv;
✅ Rapid Response Group, 206th Territorial Defense Battalion;
✅ Company of the Armed Forces of Ukraine for the protection of facilities of Sviatoshynskyi district;
✅ Starostynsky district №2 Dmytriv city council of Bucha district;
✅ Military unit A 7041, Kharkiv;
✅ Ministry of Defense Shostka District Territorial Center for Recruitment and Social Support of Sumy Region + Battalion TrO (HF 7319);
✅ Obukhiv-Vasylkiv Police.

Ukraine sincerely relies on your support!

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